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Getouttatown is an opportunity for the greater Nashville Area to be immersed in the creativity of the locals and to cultivate unity between the arts and non­profit communities. Since it’s conception three years ago, Getouttatown has established itself in the local community as the campground of music festivals. As a one day festival located in Franklin, Tennessee, it's the perfect chance to “getouttatown” and celebrate as a community of dreamers and doers. 

One of our core values at Getouttatown is to connect the local arts and non­profit communities. To do so, we will feature companies and organizations in the greater Nashville Area that believe, like us, that the arts are necessary in order to cultivate a service-­minded and love­-driven community. Aligning with these values, Getouttatown will be partnering with Mocha Club with a portion of our proceeds allowing them to continue fighting to end extreme poverty in Africa.

Getouttatown was dreamed up with the idea that music & art is something to be experienced and celebrated, together. 

2017 Lineup

                 Ethansroom: @ethansroom

           Billy Stonecipher: @billystonecipher

                          Rand: @rand_walter

                    Zander Hawley: @zhawl

                    Katie Buxton: @katiebux

           The Pressure Kids: @thepressurekids

                                      The Voodoo Fix: @thevoodoofix

                                          Jack Van Cleaf: @jwvancleaf

                         Trella: @TrellaTunes

             Stephen Day: @stephendaymusicpage

                     Miki Fiki: @realmikifiki

                                                 Keeps: @keepsmusic

                                         Katie Pruitt: @katienicolepruitt

                                                                                                         The New Respects:  @thenewrespects


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